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Fudge and Milo

All walks last 60 minutes and all dogs are given full interaction and attention throughout the walk. A mental workout is just as important as a physical one! Initially, dogs will be walked on lead until I am confident that they will come back when called but in the main, my dogs are walked off lead when it is safe to do so in order to let them stretch 

their legs and play with each other. George usually helps me to round up any would-be explorers if they get too far away. As a collie, he can't help himself and he has to earn his keep somehow!

I have customers all over East Lothian so I try to vary the locations of my walks as much as possible in order to stop the dogs (and me) getting bored. Whether it be a trip to the beach, a wander through the woods, a hill trek or a run in the fields, there is always something new and exciting to keep the dogs interested and excited.

Ru and Jolie

Group Walk

(max 5 dogs)

Play Visit/Feed/Toilet Break 



My insurance allows me to walk up to 6 dogs on a walk, as per East Lothian Council recommendation, but I feel that by limiting numbers to a maximum of 5, it allows me to interact more with each individual dog and give more care and attention whilst out and about.

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